With a network of over 5,000 specialized search engines and informational websites, 4Internet is a new way to find what your looking for online - and off. By combining the knowledge of real people to customize the search interface and systematize their knowledge of the subject into search options (we call these people "Guides,") and advice and the collaborative efforts of thousands of users, you get a better search experience. In short, you find more but search less. An intuitive system of website naming keeps everything organized and simple to understand and a system of subdividing search sets keeps results accurate and fast to get. You'll spend less time typing and refining searches and more time working with the results you were searching for in the first place. With these and other novel concepts, 4Internet is truly re-inventing how we search and consume information on the Internet.

For Users

Users find more with less searches. 4Internet guides do a lot of work behind the scenes to match content with category and keep search data sets smaller and more targeted for better results. Simply put, you search only the sites that are most likely to have what you are looking for in them. Searching only what is relevant is the key to keeping the clutter out of search results.

For Advertisers

Advertisers get a highly targeted audience and more bang for their advertising buck. Seriously, they really do. While the phrase "highly targeted" is over-used in this industry, it's important to understand the distinction between a 4Internet Search Site and the norm and why we can really say our audience is more targeted than a general purpose search engine that uses user demographics alone. It all boils down to user intent. 4Internet can really determine user intent in a way that is almost impossible to duplicate by a general purpose website. 4Internet's website naming syntax and subject matter matching make it significantly more likely that users are actively interested in the particular product or service of that website's subject at that very moment in time. This is best understood by example. Users on the website 4Football.com are most likely interested in football at that moment in time. While they may be interested in baseball as well, because many people that are in the football demographic would also occupy the baseball demographic, they would most likely be on the website 4baseball.com if baseball was what they were interested in presently. Further, because advertisers can match advertisements to the type of content returned in a search, it is even more accurate than keyword matching alone. The power of this method cannot be understated. 4Internet advertisers get better results for the advertising dollar spent. Really, they do!

For Website Owners

Website owners get more stable index positioning. Tired of doing the Google Dance? Pick your topic sites and communicate directly with a human guide if necessary. Explain your sites value, what it means, and who it is for. We don't rely purely on algorithms which are "hit and miss" at best when it comes to accurately identifying context and purpose. When your in the 4Internet search index you don't have to "feel lucky" any more. We take luck out of the equation.

For Publishers

Publishers get better content distribution.

4Search.com is the central hub for over 5,000 4Internet search websites. 4Search.com combines principles of topic subdivision with human guidance, collaboration, and an advanced search interface to make everyone an expert searcher. 4Search is a new way to search.

Search Featured Website

4Pedia.com is the central hub for finding information contained in wikis, directories, dictionaries, databases and other disparate sources in a quick and easy manner. You've probably heard that most of the web is "invisible." Well, in a way it is. However, it is not for the reasons you may be aware of. Far from the sensational reasons perpetuated by the media and pop culture, most of the "invisible" Internet is invisible because the information is contained in databases that must be queried to return results. Because most search engine spiders don't query the databases, they can't return results to index. The key is to find those databases so you can enter your query. 4Internet helps you find the right websites and execute the correct queries.

Information Featured Website

4Entertainment.com is the central hub for a variety of 4Internet entainment websites. These websites group entertainment media and information into collections. Collections are managed by 4Internet guides who use their expertise and perspective to enhance the user experience.

Entertainment Featured Website

4Shop.com is the central hub for over 1,400 4Internet Shopping websites. 4Internet shopping search sites are highly specific to it's product and the stores that sell them, online and offline. 4Internet Shopping takes a different approach to shopping, separating stores into groups based on size, service and other factors and using 4Internet guides to review and explain options.

Shopping Featured Website

4Directories.com is the central hub for over 1,100 4Internet Services websites. 4Internet Service search sites are highly specific to the service it covers. 4Internet guides are used to evaluate reviews and check for authenticity. Additional mechanisms are provided for connecting people looking for a particular service with service providers.

Services Featured Website

4Everyone.com is the central hub for over 100 4Internet Social Search Websites. 4Internet Social Search sites are highly specific to the needs of the affinity group it is meant for. 4Internet guides are used to evaluate sites and watch out for potential problems assoicated with online social offerings. Simply put, the guides try to match people to the right groups and keep everyone safe.

Social Featured Website